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MNITF’s commitment to advancing the science and practice of transplantation has never been stronger. When the events of 2020 unfolded, we rapidly worked to address how best to serve the transplant community. As the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest gripped our nation, we funded groundbreaking research projects related to COVID-19. We also deepened our commitment to developing Linked by Love, our next edutainment project, slated for production in the next year. 


To meet the continuing challenges of 2021 and beyond, we have created more research and education opportunities to broaden our impact on helping those affected by kidney disease and kidney failure. We have also added new board members, who come from various industries, to increase our national profile and open up new funding opportunities. 


Producing Linked by Love is a critical next step for MNITF. This project will address the significant healthcare disparities that exist for African Americans in accessing kidney transplantation. It will also deliver incredibly timely, relatable education on kidney disease and being proactive with healthcare.


Our friends, supporters, and donors remain the lifeblood of MNITF. We thank you for your ongoing dedication to our mission.

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